Jorah - Adopted on 11/30/2019

Age:  About 4 years
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Retriever Mix


Jorah loves toys and other dogs and is playful and respectful with his canine friends. He also lives well with cats and doesn't bother them. He is house trained, crate trained and does well while his foster is gone at work.

Jorah is a medium energy dog who is affectionate and playful with people that he is comfortable with but tends to be on the shy/timid side when meeting people for the first time and will shy away until he feels safe. He has never shown any signs of aggression even when scared. He will take some time to settle into a new place as new noises and environments make him nervous and he tends to hide until he feels safe.

He is just a poor scared boy who has had a rotten hand at life so far and is looking for someone to change his story because he has so much love to give. He has made wonderful progress in his foster home learning to be brave and discovering all of the fun things this world can offer and is now ready for his forever home where he can be safe and loved for all of his days.

Jorah will thrive with another dog in the home to help him be brave and with a patient human companion in a relatively quiet household that he can rely on that will continue to expose him to positive new experiences. Once you've earned his love and trust Jorah will be a sweet and loving member of your family and will greet you with excited tail wags and oh so many wet slobbery kisses.

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