Raven Penelope - Adopted on 4/4/2019

Age:  4 years
Gender:  Female
Breed:  German Shepherd


My name is Raven Penelope... but you can call me Raven... I only get called Raven Penelope when I am in trouble (not that this ever happens!). I have spent all four years of my life with my family and I love them very much. I was just a tiny puppy when they got me. But things changed, they had to go someplace else, and could not take a dog my size with them. They loved me very much and want me to find a new best home with the best new family so I am with HART now.

I am good with small children and, like most of my breed, I am very attentive and very smart and love my people. I am also house trained and crate trained but I do well with without being in the crate if no one is home. I hope that the right people will come along who will love me and understand that I love training, playing, and exploring. I need a home where I can play and go for walks and maybe sleep by your bed at night. I have been told I am special, sweet girl and I want to find another person or family to love.

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