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Floki - Adopted on 5/1/2019

Age:  2 years
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Pitbull Mix


Floki is such a handsome boy! He looks like he's wearing a tuxedo, but this guy is no stuffed shirt. He's sweet, affectionate, and very well-mannered, especially for such a young dog.

Floki's owner had to give him up when he became too big to be allowed in the condo where he lived, but in the owner surrender form he made sure everyone knew what a good boy Floki is.

He lived peacefully with a cat and was wonderful with all of the grandchildren who visited frequently (ranging in age from 7 - 18). He reported that Floki is completely house trained and was well behaved when left alone in the condo.

Floki loves toys and loves to cuddle, and often he loves both at the same time (he will climb into your lap while holding a toy and try to give you kisses without dropping the toy!). Floki was described by the shelter as "a well-balanced boy who has energy to play but also the ability to calmly hang out." They frequently allowed him to hang out in the office and greet the people and dogs coming in to the shelter. Floki is an all-around great guy who deserves an all-around great family!

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