Cloud (Adopted on 6/8/2019), Hermes (Adopted on 6/8/2019), Safari (Adopted on 6/8/2019), Wonderboom (Adopted on 6/8/2019)





Age:  6 months
Gender:  2 females and 2 males
Breed:  Lab Mix


Hi! We were born in South Carolina and have a momma who is a black lab. We don't know who our daddy is. We were dumped at a shelter once we were weaned. Good thing HART stepped in!!! We hopped on a van and road up to Northern Virginia for a better life! Come and meet us!

SAFARI - I am black and white female and very furry! I love to eat and play, but I have a quiet presence, and am very loyal. My littermates come to me for comfort. I am gentle with people and pups!

WONDERBOOM - I am black with curly and fluffy hair fur. I am all male, but seemingly sensitive. I listen intently to everything you say. My foster mom says I am wise for a puppy!

HERMES - Oh, I love to play, but eating is my favorite activity! I am a snuggler and am very happy when I get cuddled! I have short black fur, am male, and look like your typical lab!

CLOUD - I am the runt of the litter, but don&'t be fooled! I do anything my littermates do, and eat as much as any of them! I am a female with short black fur. I am the inventive one. I seem to know about all things puppy and I am always coming up with games! I have to be fiesty with my littermates, but am very loving with people!

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