Fiona - Adopted on 10/12/2019

Age:  About 2 years
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Pitbull Mix


Meet Fiona, the beautiful mother of Cartoon Pups!

Her story has a happy ending but it started out pretty sad. The people she called family left her tied to the door. She ended up at a shelter in SC, where they discovered that she was pregnant. Lucky for Fiona, we get a second chance at showing her that not all humans are bad and that the heroic family that will come for her will love and protect her. More importantly, they will be loyal and treat this gorgeous girl like the warrior princess that she is.

Fiona is a very sweet pup with a sunny disposition. She is energetic and social, and very receptive to training as she loves to please. She enjoys the outdoors - as long as you are there by her side. And you will need to be by her side showing her the ways especially how to walk on leash. She is affectionate and a true snuggler. Expect to fall asleep in her arms as she puts on the Fiona spell. The foster family has enjoyed many such moments.

Fiona has been an amazing hero to her puppies and as she bids farewell to her babies, will you be a hero to her?

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