Bianca - Adopted on 10/5/2019

Age:  About 2 years
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Beagle/Boxer Mix


This mama really took care of her pups. When we saw her and said we would take her, she looked like a trim, normal dog. That night she gave birth to her pups. All of them survived, but this mama looked like a skeleton - all she had had in her were the pups. There was nothing left of her. It took weeks to bring this poor starved dog back to a semblance of a dog, but she kept insisting that she feed the dogs and watch over them. The pups are now healthy little chubs and mom is finally able to look out for herself. She is the embodiment of the loyal, loving giving dog. Everybody will go gaga over the cute pups, will some of you give a little care for this loving mom?

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