Bianca's Babies

Bandit B (Adopted on 8/10/2019), Button B (Adopted on 8/10/2019), Lexy B (Adopted on 8/19/2019), Ruby B (Adopted on 8/17/2019), Tink B (Adopted on 8/10/2019), Mandy B (Adopted on 8/10/2019), Candy B (Adopted on 8/10/2019)

Bandit B

Button B

Lexy B

Ruby B

Tink B

Mandy B

Candy B

Age:  7 months
Gender:  5 females and 2 males
Breed:  Boxer/Beagle Mix


These beautiful babies have been raised by their mom, Bianca, and are ready to find their forever homes! They all love being with people, even more than they love eating, and they do love to eat! Their first adoption event will be on 7/27 and they will be ready to go home on 8/10.

Bandit is a super nice little puppy with a great easy-going personality. Is happiest when he's hugging someone! He can come across as a tad shy but it doesn't last long.

Button is a sweet, gorgeous gal who loves to be held and give kisses.

Lexy is a petite girl who loves to play. She was a favorite at the vet's office!

Ruby is a smart gal! If she sees something she wants, she's going to get it. Even though most of her siblings are bigger, they don't stand a chance against her!

Tink is one of the smaller ones but was the first to go out the doggy door all on his own! He loves to explore and is always happy.

Mandy is nice gal that sometimes studies what's going on and then makes her move to join in on the action.

Candy loves to be held and has an easy-going personality.

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