Pals 4 Ever

Prince I (Adopted on 1/11/2020), Midnight I (Adopted on 1/11/2020)

Prince I

Midnight I

Age:  About 9 years, About 8 years
Gender:  1 female and 1 male
Breed:  DLH, DSH


Midnight and Prince came to HART from a nice lady in VA Beach who didn't have the resources to care for all 9 of her cats after losing her home. They are bonded and we'd love to keep them together. Midnight is a beautiful Torti who loves lounging on her foster mom's desk or bookcase. She does love her fair share of attention from humans and will give you a nice headbutt to let you know it's time for some pets! The dapper Prince is a green-eyed charmer! He's a chirpy one who expresses his love by climbing into laps and bestowing kisses. Together, these cats make a sweet and loving, if not unlikely, duo!

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