Garrett - Adopted on 11/10/2019

Age:  About 8 months
Gender:  Male
Breed:  DSH


Please review HART's kitten adoption policy

What an adorable bunch of kittens! These sweet, friendly, loving purr machines bring joy to everyone who meet them!

Garrett is SUCH a dude. He is super laid back, loves people, food, sleep and treats. He is a really great sport when his sisters bully him out of the way for attention, biding his time until he can come back and sleep next to you. He's also the first to recognize when a human is feeling blue. He rushes right next to you, throws himself down and purrs until you feel better (hint: it doesn't take long when Garrett is around).

If Royal and Woodsie were humans, we would call them tomboys. These girls are rough and tumble, fall down and BOUNCE back up types. When they are done roughhousing, then they rush you with all the love they have in their tiny little bodies - each of them vying for prime lap position. People who say that girl kittens aren't as affectionate as boy kittens have never met these girl kittens. There is never a dull moment with these girls around.

Garrett does not need to be adopted with his sisters - he would probably prefer to strike out on his own. Woodsie and Royal are bonded and need to go to a home together. Please come meet these purrfect kitties and see if they would be a great match for your family!

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