Roland - Adopted on 12/7/2019

Age:  About 5 years
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Beagle Mix


Roland is a very happy dog who loves to be around humans and canines alike. We have taken to calling him Rollie Pollie because he was a bit on the heavy side when we first got him. Roland had previous trauma to his right eye and it had to be removed, but it has not slowed him down at all! He has even slimmed down quite a bit since his surgery.

This boy is super soft, cuddly, and loves to be petted. Upon greeting, he does this funny thing of keeping his bottom up in the air while keeping his belly down. He has been great with the kids, definitely likes his crate, and is mostly house trained. He does need a bit of leash training.

Roland fit into our pack of 3 other dogs easily (and they can be quite discerning). He is a bit picky about his food but has shown no aggression when eating with my other dogs. He LOVES the outdoors, wants to go on walks all the time and would spend most of his time in the backyard if he could. This boy would do great in a home with or without other dogs and will make someone very happy!

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