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Arthur Weasley

Age:  Approx. 12 years
Gender:  Male
Breed:  DSH
Declawed:  No
Dog Friendly:  Yes
Cat Friendly:  Yes
Kid Friendly:  Yes
Boarding Location: Foster Home


Arthur Weasley is a chonky hunk looking for love! Arthur is microchipped and was traced back to a family in Texas (!!) who claimed to have no knowledge of him. He found himself at the Prince William County Animal Shelter in rough shape and diabetic. Since being rescued from the shelter, he's shown everyone nothing but LOVE! He gets along well with dogs, loves kids of all ages and sizes and is such an omega cat, that he could not care less about the other cats in the house. He talks to his people and you will often hear "Mama" from him. He's just the best dude ever!

Arthur's diabetes is being managed with diet and insulin, 2x per day. He is a champ when getting his shots and loves the treat he gets right after his shot. His ONLY vice is that he has a bit of wanderlust and will take advantage of an open front door to explore. His new family will have to be vigilant about not letting him go on walkabouts, especially as he needs his insulin.

We know Arthur's age because of his microchip, but he is so young at heart, it's clear he has many, many, many years left to give.

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