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Buddy (formerly Archie)

Age:  About 4 years
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Beagle Mix
Size:  32 lbs
Dog Friendly:  Yes
Cat Friendly:  Probably not
Kid Friendly:  Yes


Buddy is a beagle with beautiful coloring and a great disposition. He is super-friendly and sweet with everyone he sees. When being walked, he is absolutely convinced that everyone wants to play with him. He really does love all people, whether adults or children of all ages, including babies. He's affectionate with everyone who gives him attention, and he loves to lick anyone who comes to visit. He's also great with other dogs and almost always wants to play with them.

Buddy rarely barks, but he sometimes does have a howl that usually makes people laugh when they hear him. Much of the time, he is calm and laid back, but he usually has daily energy spurts when he enjoys playing. He plays well by himself with his toys, but he also enjoys when his family plays with him. During the day, he enjoys snuggling with his people, and loves having his tummy rubbed or ears scratched. At night, or when left home alone, he is very content in his crate, especially if given a Kong toy filled with treats. Buddy is even happy when he goes to the vet, and he's become a favorite with the staff. He rides quite well in the car, even for long trips.

Buddy would need a fenced-in yard, as he cannot be trusted to just stay at home, especially if he sees a cat or a rabbit. His family will need to be careful when opening doors to the outside, as he will run out if given the chance. He also can pull quite hard when being walked, as he is strong for his size. Some training in this area would be helpful to him.

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