Attention: The safety of our adopters and volunteers is our highest priority. HART has cancelled all dog and cat adoption events until further notice, however we are still doing adoptions for our animals. Please submit an application online to adopt a dog or cat. After we receive your online application, we will contact you as soon as possible regarding the dog or cat you are interested in.

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King - Adopted on 5/10/2020

Age:  About 4 years
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Pitbull Mix


Usually when we say "laid back" we're referring to the dog's personality. In King's case, it refers to that, but it also refers to how he likes to carry his ears. He seems to think that "wind-swept" look accentuates his handsome face, but we assure you he does have adorable little ears, they're just neatly tucked away behind his big, handsome blocky head.

King is new to us, and we are just getting to know him. According to the shelter we got him from, once he adjusts to a new place he is an easy going guy who loves to sniff everything and loves being outside with his people. On walks he loves to have his nose to the ground and "read all the news." In a fenced area, after he's given the area a good sniff, he'll come over for some attention, or to just hang out with you. He enjoys affection but doesn't constantly seek it or demand it, so if you love dogs but don't want to have one constantly trying to engage you, King may be your guy!

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