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Carter Sisters

June C (Adopted on 6/19/2020), Carlene C (Adopted on 6/20/2020), Maybelle C (Adopted on 6/19/2020), Anita C (Adopted on 6/20/2020), Janette C (Adopted on 6/11/2020), Helen C (Adopted on 6/12/2020)

June C

Carlene C

Maybelle C

Anita C

Janette C

Helen C

Age:  About 14 weeks
Gender:  6 females
Breed:  Redbone Coonhound Mix


The Carter Sisters' mom is reportedly a redbone coonhound who was purchased by a family who did not know she was pregnant. They kept the puppies with her until they were weaned and then asked for help in finding them good homes, and they came to HART. They ranged from 5 to 8 lbs as of the end of May.

June is super cuddly with both people and other dogs and loves attention and will ask for it. She is the smallest.

Maybelle is independent, patient, and especially loves to eat! She is very playful and is a good mix of playful and snuggly. She is the biggest.

Anita is energetic and loves to play hard and then nap hard as well. She runs up to people right away but also loves to explore the yard.

Helen is very energetic and loves to play with toys and explore. She loves to play and then cuddle with her sisters during naptime.

Janette is a good combination of playful puppy with a side of cuddlebug. She loves toys and running around in the yard.

Carlene can be independent but also loves to Snuggle. She is patient and easy-going.

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