Attention: The safety of our adopters and volunteers is our highest priority. HART has cancelled all dog adoption events until further notice, however we are still doing adoptions for our animals. Please submit an application online to adopt a dog or cat. After we receive your online application, we will contact you as soon as possible regarding the dog or cat you are interested in.

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3 Little Kittens

RuPaw (Adopted on 6/12/2020), Fuzzy (Adopted on 6/12/2020), Socks~ (Adopted on 6/12/2020)




Age:  13 weeks
Gender:  3 males
Breed:  DSH


Please review HART's kitten adoption policy

Rupaw, the tabby and white cutie, is the ring leader of the bunch. He's a wild child and playful as can be. He is a great kitty for entertainment and embodies all that is kitten energy. Fuzzy, the gray tabby, is a playful little guy. He's a little more timid, but he and Rupaw are best buds and always have zoomies. He is a total sweetheart. Rupaw likes to ambush him. Last but not least, there is Socks, the tuxedo kitty. Socks has stolen the hearts of his foster family completely. He is the absolute sweetest thing ever. He can be playful, and is, but he is the politest, gentlest kitten. He likes to curl up in bed with his foster mom. He is a gentle soul.

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