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Sassy Singletons

Sally S (Adopted on 6/19/2020), Samwise (Adopted on 7/9/2020), Stanley S (Adopted on 6/20/2020), Shane (Adopted on 6/20/2020)

Sally S


Stanley S


Age:  About 12 weeks
Gender:  1 female and 3 males
Breed:  DSH


Please review HART's kitten adoption policy

Meet the Sassy Singletons! These cutie pies were all left at the shelter as single kittens, and they've made fast friends with each other and their older foster brother cats! Fearless and sassy Sally (orange tabby) is the boss lady, never shy to vocalize her needs and climb up to her foster dad's shoulder to survey her domain! Samwise (tuxedo) is a fellow adventure cat, climbing to the top of his 6ft cat tree on his 2nd day and exploring under every piece of furniture in the house. Stanley (blue tabby) is a quiet loverboy, rumbling and tumbling with his friends and then enjoying long naps on his foster mom's desk. Shane (grey/brown tabby) is part leopard with his spotted belly and his ability to leap over kitties in pursuit of the ball! He's a rough and tumble kitty and loves to come for 30 second snuggles in between chase sessions. All are super loving with big energy and big appetites! They would do best in homes with fellow high energy kitties to play with and owners to snuggle.

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