Attention: The safety of our adopters and volunteers is our highest priority. HART has cancelled all dog adoption events until further notice, however we are still doing adoptions for our animals. Please submit an application online to adopt a dog or cat. After we receive your online application, we will contact you as soon as possible regarding the dog or cat you are interested in.

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Funfetti Pups

Sadie F (Adopted on 7/11/2020), Phoebie F (Adopted on 7/28/2020), Rylie F (Adopted on 7/30/2020), Teddy F (Adopted on 7/21/2020), Marlie F (Adopted on 7/12/2020), Casey F (Adopted on 7/13/2020)

Sadie F

Phoebie F

Rylie F

Teddy F

Marlie F

Casey F

Age:  12 weeks
Gender:  5 females and 1 male
Breed:  Shar-pei/Chihuahua Mix


*no longer accepting new applications*

We really have no idea what breed mix these puppies are, but they sure are cute! The family that surrendered them to a shelter in SC said they are shar pei/chihuahua mixes. They all love to play and be around people! They are in a foster home with HART alum Reese, a large husky/shepherd mix.

Casey is confident and always wants to play - with the other puppies, Reese, and her humans. She is the only puppy that has learned how to climb the 3-foot metal puppy pen!

Marlie loves to explore. All the puppies love food and she is no exception, but does not seen as food-driven as her siblings. She loves to take naps on your lap and get lots of pets.

Phoebie is a little monkey! She loves to lick your face, play with your hair, and climb all over you. She seems to get along well with everyone.

Rylie is the runt of the litter, and despite (or perhaps because of) her size, she is not afraid to use her voice. She loves ear scratches and snuggling.

Sadie is adventurous and bold. She will engage Reese in a game of chase.

Teddy is a chill guy who loves pets and snuggles. He likes to explore and will often leave the group to check things out. He is small but mighty! He will drag the water tub (which is much bigger than him) into the shade.

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