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Hei Hei - Adopted on 7/23/2020

Age:  About 2 years
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Pitbull Mix


When she arrived at the shelter our Hei Hei was terrified and trembling in her cage, which is why the shelter named her Hei Hei ("chicken" in Maori). It's no wonder she was scared, she was abandoned in a hotel room. But our little "chicken" has made remarkable progress in a short time, and volunteers love this petite cutie.

Hei Hei is initially shy but she is also a joyful little girl who appears to have had some training. She needs to learn some leash manners (she pulls), but she knows sit, she waits for you to throw the tennis ball, which she retrieves and runs back to you with, but then flops down and rolls over with the ball (she doesn't seem to quite have the concept yet of giving the ball back to you to throw again). She takes treats very gently and has an adorable underbite. She loves zooming around and chasing the ball, as well as rolling around in the grass, and would probably enjoy having a big fenced yard to play in.

She is affectionate with people she knows and trusts (which doesn't take long), and enjoys being petted and talked to, and just hanging out with you. Perhaps her previous owner's circumstances were so dire that he or she felt leaving the dog in a hotel room was better than whatever they could offer. Or perhaps they just didn't care and couldn't be bothered taking her to a shelter. In any case, one person's "trash" is another person's treasure, and for anyone looking for an adorably sweet and silly little girl to play with and cuddle, Hei Hei is a goldmine.

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