Attention: The safety of our adopters and volunteers is our highest priority. HART has cancelled all dog adoption events until further notice, however we are still doing adoptions for our animals. Please submit an application online to adopt a dog or cat. After we receive your online application, we will contact you as soon as possible regarding the dog or cat you are interested in.

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Far Far Away Pups

Donkey, Bootsie, Shrek




Age:  11 weeks
Gender:  2 females and 1 male
Breed:  Mix
Size:  Medium
Dog Friendly:  Yes
Cat Friendly:  Yes
Kid Friendly:  Yes


***We Are No Longer Accepting Applications for This Litter*** Bootsie: I am the runt of the litter, but I prefer to think of myself as petite!!!! I am a snuggler. I snuggle with my littermates and I will snuggle with my foster mom when she holds me! I can do anything my littermates can do, and just as well! I was the first to climb and roll and tumble because of my size! The others wanted to know how I did it, but it was my secret! Donkey: Hi! I am a light hearted, little gal who loves to play. My litter mates tell me all their secrets, and I am the one who invents games for us all. I do have a serious side. I also defend and protect, as best as a puppy can, my litter mates when they need space, or a needed reprive from our mom! I like to be everywhere watching what is going on, and will remind you where I am! I can also be sensitive, so my foster mom must be very aware of my moods!

Shrek: Hello world!!! You are very exciting, and I can't wait to meet you! I am the largest of the litter, and a true friend. I love to eat, and play. I also like to tell my foster mom all of my puppy secrets! If you will help me, I like to dance! My short little legs keep me from climbing everywhere my sisters go, but I get there with a little help! My sisters and I love to sleep through the night after a bedtime story from our foster mom. Mom taught us all to be neat, but it is hard when we play so hard!

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