Amazing Dotty Duo

Darla D (Adopted on 10/17/2020), Dice D (Adopted on 10/17/2020)

Darla D

Dice D

Age:  Approx. 4 years
Gender:  1 female and 1 male
Breed:  DSH



This brother sister pair came from a rural shelter in the south. They are both BIG TIME PURR MACHINES! (They'd be terrible at hide n seek) They are quite bonded, so we'd like to keep them together. They are spayed / neutered and have all their kitten shots. They've recently met the dog in the foster home and are A-OK with her.

DICE is very outgoing and will run to greet you. He really enjoys interactive play (that's what helped him conquer his fear) and pets. He follows his foster mom every step, and will likely be a 'velcro kitty'. He really likes being part of 'the action' and will politely ask for attention. DARLA was very scared when she came to us, but, we've been working on building trust. She's getting more confident every day, but will still require a little patience when meeting new people / new situations. She's extremely good-natured and a sweet soul. She loves to play with the interactive toys and crinkle balls. She has a huge purr and is enjoying being held more and more

Worried about telling them apart? It's easy... she has an extra spot behind her ear with flecks of amber, and he has some spots on his side. They both have adorable tabby striped tails with white tips.