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Marilyn AristoDog - Adopted on 5/15/2021

Age:  6 years
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Pitbull Mix


Marilyn had a rough start to her life. Before coming to HART she was a mother trying to protect her puppies and herself. Her final litter was 10 puppies total. Before HART was able to rescue them 7 were "given away". We still happily took in Marilyn and her remaining 3 babies. It was very clear that Marilyn was never allowed to learn how to be a pet. She didn't have many social skills and new things scared her. Since weaning her litter she has been at a puppy retreat learning who she is as an individual. She has been getting basic training so she can be just as polite as she is cute. But most importantly she has been learning how to socialize with other dogs. Marilyn lives with 8 other dogs of various sizes and temperaments. She LOVES to wrestle and run with toys playing keep away from her housemates. She is not toy- or food-possessive and actually likes to share her toys with people. Marilyn has caught a second wind of puppy energy, she will happily cuddle with her person but definitely prefers to have the zoomies in the yard with her toys. Because of this reason we feel she deserves a yard of her very own where she can safely play for the rest of her days. She is not rude to humans but can forget her manners since they are still new. She is kid-safe but she may be too much for a small child to handle. Marilyn has worked so hard to be someone's perfect pet. Please consider this adorable little wiggle butt as your next best friend.

This dog is sponsored by: Tina S.