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Sammie and Gigi

Sammie (Adopted on 2/8/2021), Gigi (Adopted on 2/8/2021)



Age:  About 9 months
Gender:  1 female and 1 male
Breed:  DSH


This is the winning team! Sammie is cute, smart, and loves a routine. He knows that opening the can means Dinner! And prances on over to his place. He knows where and when it is playtime and brings his feather to the game. He knows when the birds get fed and settles at the window with some kitty popcorn. When he is ready, he will come to you and ask for scratches. He'll make it easy for you, too and settle next to you on the couch. And he loves to play with any toy you have, and definitely with his sister... Gigi is such a loving girl. She knows that the best place to take a nap is right on top of her human. When nighttime comes, she will be right there to climb under the covers or onto your chest and find the warmest place to purr on. She is the instigator, sending balls bouncing and chasing toys down the hallway. She loves to climb onto the windowsill and jump up and down the kitty tree shelves. She makes the cutest squeak when talking to the birds and calling out to find her human. She is not slowed down by her healed hip and leg injury, which gives her a cute peg leg walk. She will need daily wrapping for her leg, but she is otherwise healthy and happy. She adores her big brother and holds her own in a Sammie skirmish. Check out our playtime video!