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2 Cuties

China D (Adopted on 12/7/2020), India (Adopted on 12/7/2020)

China D


Age:  5 months, 4 months
Gender:  1 female and 1 male
Breed:  DSH


Please review HART's kitten adoption policy

These kittens aren't siblings, but don't they make just the cutest pair?! They came to HART together from a SC shelter and are becoming great friends in their foster home. China is a fun and sweet kitten. She loves to play with her foster sisters which include a kitten, cats and a dog! She is curious and entertains herself but also loves attention, pets, and cuddles from her people. She likes to nap on her people's laps and in her cat treehouse. She's a beautiful tortoiseshell kitten! She is looking for her forever home and will bring joy to her forever family this holiday season! India loves everything! India is a lap kitty and he turns on his motor at the slightest glance in his direction. His purr is loud and frequent. He loves people and follows his foster family around. He is a talker too. When his foster family talks with him he meows back to keep the conversation going! He has a lot to say and is an adorable, sweet and fun kitten. He loves to play with his foster family including a kitten, cats and a dog! He is mostly white but has grey spots on his coat including the backs of his back paws and tail! The grey on his head looks like he's wearing a little helmet! He couldn't be any cuter or sweeter. He will be the perfect addition to his forever family this holiday season.