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The Christmas Pups

Chris (Adopted on 1/3/2021), Cringle (Adopted on 12/28/2020), Carol CP (Adopted on 1/10/2021)



Carol CP

Age:  About 6 months
Gender:  2 females and 1 male
Breed:  Lab/Hound Mix


***Not Accepting New Applications for This Litter***

Meet Chris and Carol, our beautiful and merry Christmas Pups. These guys are full of life, excitement, and plenty of love to give. They are happy-go-lucky pups, ready for an adventure whether on the couch in front of TV or a good hike outdoors involving lots of physical activities. Looking at their warm and affectionate disposition, you would not think that they lived their first 4 months outdoors in extreme weather. They are well mannered and show no aggression - even when it comes to food.

Carol is the Wonder Woman in this duo team. She is unafraid and first to try anything. She is also ohhh so sweet and tender to let her big brother feel big and at times will push her food to him and not mind sharing. She is full of kisses and just sits and takes and gives all the love.

Chris is the shy and soft one often depending on his bossy sister to show him the ways but when it comes to play, he was the first to learn fetch. Chris is wise beyond his 4 months and sits calmly while Carol is a silly drama queen. But he is always prepared to give kisses and take whatever loving you have to offer.

These sweet big babies will do great in any home and will be content just hanging out by your side whether its laundry, cooking, or a nice run outdoors. As they master leash walking along with other house training, these gorgeous pups will make great family members making you smile - from inside out.