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Gandalf and Quill

Gandalf (Adopted on 4/24/2021), Quill (Adopted on 4/24/2021)



Age:  10 months, 1 year
Gender:  2 males
Breed:  Arabian Mau Mix


Quill and Gandalf came to HART from Doha, Qatar. Quill and his litter mates were bottle-raised by kind animal rescue friends who found them abandoned outside. Handsome, strong, and affectionate, Quill will follow you around the house and plop himself down in front of you as if he's a model and it's time for a photo shoot. He's great with other cats and children and is having no trouble getting along with the dog in his new foster home. And yes, we named him after Peter Quill in the Guardians of the Galaxy because he's just as handsome and delightfully arrogant! Gandalf's rescuers found him in napping in a tree at a local playground. They brought him home and found that he fit right in with the other cats in their home. Gandy is a very people-oriented lap cat. He's great with children, and is quiet, affectionate, and has silky smooth fur. We believe him to be an Arabian Mau mixed with some sort of a long hair breed because of the silky feeling of his fur and his bushy tail. Arabian Maus are the local street cat in Qatar and are related to the ancient Egyptian cat. They are playful, smart, social and make great pets!