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Beryl and Citrine

Beryl F (Adopted on 11/14/2021), Citrine F (Adopted on 11/14/2021)

Beryl F

Citrine F

Age:  8 months
Gender:  2 females
Breed:  DSH


Please review HART's kitten adoption policy

Beryl is all about adventure. She gains confidence quickly and wants to explore everything. She LOVES to play and has such a good time making the best out of life. She does this all with the cutest chirping vocalizations you'll ever hear. She's the life of the party and never wants to be left out. When she finally tires, she will cuddle up. Very good with being held and loved on.

Citrine is slightly shyer than her sister at first. She takes a little time to warm up to new situations, but once comfortable, she's into it all too. She LOVES feather toys and wrestling. She's also very cuddly when she's done playing. She's a gentle, good-natured girl, and beautiful to boot.