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Ellie's Precious Pack

Jade F (Adopted on 5/30/2021), Pyrite (Adopted on 6/5/2021), Quartz F (Adopted on 5/26/2021), Topaz F (Adopted on 5/26/2021)

Jade F


Quartz F

Topaz F

Age:  11 weeks
Gender:  1 female and 3 males
Breed:  DSH


Please review HART's kitten adoption policy

VERY social, sweet, and fun kittens! Each one is so special, and all are models in training. Foster has TONS of pics as these guys LOVE the attention.

The girls
Beryl - Wants to be part of everything! She will insert herself into whatever you are doing so she never misses out. Once tired, will cuddle up on your lap for snuggles. Side note, she will climb you.
Citrine - The most independent of all! She is an explorer and wants to check out everything, but is also very happy to engage with friends of the 2 and 4 legged variety.
Jade - The love bug... she's super playful and fun, but her first priority is often to get on her foster mom's lap for some lovin'

The Boys
Pyrite - Biggest mush! He's slightly shy and will be an observer for a few minutes with new people, but you can win him over easily with an upside down neck rub. He's a total love.
Quartz - Polite little Quartz will approach and greet you. He wants to make sure you notice him. He'll protest if you wake him up with some adorable vocalizations. He will ham it up to win your attention.
Topaz - Sweet Topaz loves being in the mix of all the fun. He'll be sure to check in for some human attention too. He'll likely get along with just about anyone, he's so easy going.