Attention: The safety of our adopters and volunteers is our highest priority. HART has resumed adoption events at the Chantilly Petsmart. We ask that adopters that are not fully vaccinated wear a mask while outside and that all adopters, regardless of vaccination status, wear a mask while indoors.

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Age:  3 years
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Shepherd Mix
Size:  Large
Dog Friendly:  Yes
Cat Friendly:  Unknown
Kid Friendly:  Yes


Check out what her foster dad says, "She's a complete house dog. For some reason, she loves to stare out the windows but she actually doesn't want to go outside. I have to nearly bribe her to go outside so she can do her business. She'll run to the nearest grass outside and does her thing then quickly runs back up the stairs and sits waiting to go back inside.

She's a pleasure indoors. She's very quiet and willingly goes inside her crate (unlocked and opened) or bed to sleep at night. She enjoys a quick game of catch (indoors of course) when allowed. She's very crate friendly. I do put and lock her in the crate when I leave her alone in the house. And as far as I know, she just sleeps there waiting for me. I'm rarely gone for more than 2-3 hours during those times. The only instance of longer crate time was when I had labor day with my extended family. It was an all day event with a newborn so I didn't bring her along. She was fine in her crate during that time.

For a family looking to adopt, I would say she would be a great pet. She listens and learns very well. She's pretty big and initially would jump up when greeting me. I would tell her no and after a few days she stopped. She also likes to lay and sleep on the couch (unknown to me initially) and guest beds. I told her no and again after a few times she stopped jumping up on the furniture and knows the guest rooms are off limits. And she hasn't been back to them since."

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