Luna (CP)

Age:  3 years
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Beautful Blonde
Size:  31 lbs
Dog Friendly:  No
Cat Friendly:  No
Kid Friendly:  Older Only Please (15+)

This dog is cross-posted for another rescue group or shelter. Please contact the person noted.


Meet Luna! She is a loving, protective, talkative, and smart dog who needs a confident and experienced guardian who will set boundaries, provide discipline and structure, and help her overcome her anxieties. Life hasn't always been so grand for her. Per her original owner, Luna moved from Colorado to DC, and was kept outdoors (sleeping in a shed) by his mom. She seems to take a little bit longer warming up to women. However, she still acts extremely protective with new people and hasn't socialized well in her limited interactions. She has completed online basic training and learns quickly when motivated.

Aside from being with her people, she loves running around the yard, playing catch and chase! Luna loves to chew on her toys and is good with furniture. She loves to beg and forage for table scraps but due to her sensitive tummy she needs to stick to her prescription diet. She can be very vocal so she is not a good fit for an apartment or condo or other high traffic environment (busy streets). High traffic areas and lots of stimulants exacerbate her anxiety/stress affecting her tummy. She loves being outside and taking walks. This seems to help when her tummy is acting up.

Luna is a fun, playful young pup who is going to do best in a quiet home without other pets or young children. Someone with experience dealing with overprotective pups with sensitive tummy issues and/or willing to work with a trainer to help her overcome her fears will be wonderful for this cuddly pup.

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