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Brooklyn - Adopted on 9/23/2021

Age:  1 year
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Lab


My family moved and didn't take me with them but left me with this weird name (please adopt me and give me a better one ASAP!). My foster dad says maybe I should be called "DL" for double lab as I've got a double dose of the good stuff.I just love the water, streams, puddles, pools, the shower- you name it. I am also young so rather active but that doesn't mean that I'm not house trained. I go outside like a big boy and hold it all night. I didn't get to meet a lot of other dogs growing up so I am a little awkward around them but learning and have made a few new friends already. Two nice older dogs have let me know when I've gone too far and I've respected their direction. I just tend to forget and come right back. [If in a home with other dogs they need to be tolerant of a young dog learning the ropes. This also means older children as he doesn't really grasp his size.]

Sometimes new people scare me a little so I bark to let them know that. Once my foster dad shows me they are nothing to worry about, and they give pets like he does, I'm totally fine. I'll go in my crate but I'm not a huge fan, if you let me stay in your room while we are sleeping I'll be good. I don't take up that much room on the bed, really. And as long as a get in a few good walks and some good play time I promise to be good during those telemaconference thingamajigs, well for a few hours at least, if you are nice I won't even snore too loudly while keeping your feet warm. So what do you say?