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Autumn Wonders

Cider M (Adopted on 10/4/2021), Maize (Adopted on 10/7/2021), Sunflower M (Adopted on 10/7/2021), Pumpkin M (Adopted on 9/25/2021)

Cider M


Sunflower M

Pumpkin M

Age:  About 12 weeks
Gender:  2 females and 2 males
Breed:  Jack Russell Terrier Mix


This litter started life in a trash bag on the side of a South Carolina road. Thankfully, a good Samaritan took them to a shelter, and HART stepped in and brought them here!!! These are very smart, medium energy pups. They play hard, and sleep hard. They sleep through the night, and keep their pen very neat, and are tidy eaters!

CIDER- Hi! I love people and am so curious about the world! My foster mom says I am an escape artist, but I just want to go everywhere she goes! I love to play and invent all kinds of games that entertain my littermates. I sure like eating! I don't have to depend on what my littermates leave me now.... I have my own bowl!!!

MAIZE- I am the largest of this litter. I am real fond of eating and cuddling. I love to play, but sleep is real important to me! I never take my eyes of all of the activities around me. I also like to give you kisses!

PUMPKIN - I am a laid back lady! I will watch everything you do, and then kiss you to remind you that I am there! I do things quietly but in a big way! I play hard, and am the innovator for my litter.

SUNFLOWER- Well, call me a true southern belle. I listen and respond to everything that goes on, but in a very polite way! I am a good eater, and a great sleeper and dreamer! I do love to play, but only if that is what you are doing!