Attention: The safety of our adopters and volunteers is our highest priority. HART has resumed adoption events at the Chantilly Petsmart. We ask that adopters that are not fully vaccinated wear a mask while outside and that all adopters, regardless of vaccination status, wear a mask while indoors.

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Age:  About 10 years
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Pitbull Mix
Size:  Large
Dog Friendly:  Yes
Cat Friendly:  No
Kid Friendly:  probably!


Choc and Quigley are in the words of their foster parents the "Best Dogs Ever!" Their fosters wrote to us: "They are so sweet and friendly. Every person that has walked in the door they have greeted with kisses. They ignore barking and crazy dogs in our neighborhood. They take treats like a champ. Very gentle. They love to get belly rubs and scratches." They do great in their crates, are housebroken and do not chew things. Choc's human died several years ago and left six dogs and a cat including Choc's brother, Quigley. Over the years, 3 of the dogs were rescued, but not Choc, Quigley, Stanley the blind dachshund or the cat. These poor dogs and Oz the cat were all pretty much living on their own for much of this time in a pen outside with someone coming to feed them once a day. When we heard about these animals living pretty much on their own, we took all of them. We have been told from the people that knew their history that Choc and Quigley were great with dogs, cat and kids and are housetrained. They certainly were great with Stanley the blind dachshund who is only about 15 pounds. We are not certain at this time if Quigley and Choc are a bonded pair or if they can be adopted separately. They are sweet, loving dogs. Choc and Quigley (and Stanley too) are perfect examples of the indomitable spirit of dogs! No matter how awful their past, they don't dwell there-they just want to be loved and give love. We are hoping to keep this brother and sister together if possible.

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