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The Little Big Cats

Macho, Mike, Mia!, Mira R




Mira R

Age:  About 10 weeks
Gender:  2 females and 2 males
Breed:  DMH
Dog Friendly:  Yes
Cat Friendly:  Yes
Kid Friendly:  Yes
Boarding Location: Foster Home


Please review HART's kitten adoption policy

The Little Big Cats are 4 of the most wonderful kittens ever! They are triplet "lion cubs" Mitch(Macho) Mia and Mira Rose and one "panther cub" Mike! All are lap kitties, people oriented, and extremely friendly. They all love "spa" time - getting their fur brushed.

MIKE is a lean and lanky black kitten with a tiny speckle of white fur on his neck and a white patch of fur in the shape of a triangle on his belly. He is friendly, funny, curious and playful. He loves playing with toys and sitting on laps being pet and brushed.

Mitch is the biggest of the triplets. His nickname is Macho because he's so cool and rugged looking but he's the sweetest lap kitty ever! He loves to lay on his back and have his belly and paws rubbed! Macho is very calm and just lives to be loved.

MIRA (Mira Rose) also loves to lay on her back and to get her belly and paws rubbed. She is very demanding at spa time and just loves to be brushed. She loves to chase after the fishing pole toy, look out the window, sit on laps and has a sweet, calm disposition.

MIA is the most vocal of the triplets! She has an opinion about everything and really loves eye contact with people! She is a people greeter and loves to sit on laps and snuggle with her siblings. She is friendly, sweet, playful and inquisitive. All of The Little Big Cats will need a home where their people want lap kitties and have time to spend with their kittens because these cuties really like people!

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