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Phoenix - Adopted on 12/6/2021

Age:  About 4 months
Gender:  Male
Breed:  DSH


Please review HART's kitten adoption policy

Rhea: Hi. I was the baby of the litter, and absolutely love snuggling and being held. I'm a beautiful brown tabby girl with a heart of gold. My foster chose my name because it means "to flow with sweetness and delight!" I'm as sweet & gentle & loving as a kitten can be. I'm totally bonded with my brother Griffin. So if you're ready for the ultimate in kitten love and laughter, I'm your gal.

Griffin: Hello! My foster mom says I'm sweetness overload. I love all my siblings, but am totally bonded with my sister Rhea. My name means "strong lord" and I am living up to that each day. I'm brave and curious. I love to cuddle next to you at night protecting you while you sleep.

Phoenix: I'm the most gentle and kind kitten out of our litter. My favorite thing is cuddling in your lap/next to you at night. I'm Super sweet, playful, but do everything in moderation. I love spring toys, crinkly paper and being prince of the cat tree tower. My sister Cera and I do everything together. Are you ready to have us steal your heart?

Cera: Hi future family! I'm a gorgeous mackerel tabby and the most outgoing of my litter. I love life, and my siblings more than anything. My name means "fiery one"....but in a loving, playful way. My favorite things are crinkle tunnels and feather wands. I'm the first to run to the door when you get home. I'm totally bonded with my brother Phoenix. We can't wait to steal your hearts and rule your home for years to come!