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Nigel H - Adopted on 9/9/2022

Age:  About 2 years
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Hound Mix


Nigel was originally part of a hunting club but he fell in a hole fox hunting and broke his leg he was scheduled to be euthanized. Thankfully, the veterinary staff and HART stepped in to provide Nigel a chance at a better life.

What makes Nigel special?

Polite - doesn't beg for human food and doesn't bark, bay, howl, or cry

Non-aggressive - has shown zero aggression, including about his food or toys.

Excellent listener - receptive to training when he feels he's in a safe place

Smart- motivated by food and affection, learns "tricks" fast

Loving - slightly snuggly and very affectionate. He wants to be near his people/person, loves to bond with eye contact and little nuzzles

Gentle - he handles everything so softly and sweetly

Playful and funny - Puppy-like playfulness when he's feeling confident

Healthy, athletic, young. His broken leg is healed.

What is Nigel working on? Nigel is getting used to living in a home with people and is still very nervous and anxious. While he has made great progress noises, strangers and quick movements may spook him. He takes a little longer to warm up to men so he needs a patient man in his life. It's not particularly hard to win his trust if you show you are friendly and safe. He is mostly housebroken and making continued progress on his leash manners. He needs a loving and patient home to show him the world is safe, loving and able to be trusted.