Charlie Daniels - Adopted on 8/27/2022

Age:  About 2 years
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Anatolian Shepherd


Charlie still has some puppy energy and enjoys running some laps in the yard around lunch time, in addition to walks. He likely needs someone confident who can show him the ropes (he seems to look to his people for direction) and engage in training with him, which he seems to enjoy as he is very smart. He learned his name, how to sit, and how to lay down in just a few days and is food motivated. He sits when you stand in front of him and point toward his butt, you have to touch the ground for him to lay down.

His favorite things to play with so far have been cardboard boxes and old rags, regardless of other toys provided! He is potty trained and hasn't had one accident in the house. He will go to the door if he needs to go out too. He's a little vocal but only barks occasionally when he hears another dog bark or there is something to alert about when outside. His occasional bark is as boisterous as he is large, so an apartment might not be best. Some of his other favorite things are behind the ear scratches, watching Our Planet, and a treat dispensing ball :)