Dixie - Adopted on 9/26/2023

Age:  Approx. 3 years
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Pitbull/German Shepherd Mix


Dixie was found underweight in a Walmart parking with her litter of puppies but managed to be a great mama to her babies. They all found forever homes now it's her turn. We don't know her life before, but she's thrived in her foster home. Here's what her foster mom says about beautiful golden eyed Dixie.

Are you back to work full-time or not home all of the time? Here's a dog for you! Dixie is a bright, content, independent, food motivated dog with ZERO separation anxiety yet is very excited when you come home wagging that super happy tai! With perfect house manners & free roam of the house day or night but can be crated if needed. Housebroken and knows sit, down, shake, & working on stay. Although not a lap dog, she'll hang out with you if you're around all day. Eat in front of her without issues plus she never counter surfs. Chews only her toys. Loves a car ride! She's been in our RV to Nashville and back & was on several boats!

Anyone, including children, can pet her anytime. She is very calm in the house, but you can get her to be super super playful if you want and if you do, she forgets her large goofy size so it may be best in a home with older children. There's been multiple other foster dogs come through my home and Dixie gets along with them with a slow intro. A fenced yard to chase a squirrel would be great, but not required.

Dixie is a wonderful companion & would be so grateful to have a forever home! Please let us know if you're interested in giving Dixie a chance.