Presidents' Pups

Fala (Adopted on 6/24/2022), Cloe (Adopted on 6/24/2022), Blackberry (Adopted on 6/8/2022), Mopsey (Adopted on 6/3/2022), Lara (Adopted on 7/11/2022), Yuki (Adopted on 6/14/2022), Feller (Adopted on 6/8/2022)








Age:  About 1 year
Gender:  5 females and 2 males
Breed:  Australian Shepherd/Lab Mix


Lara likes to stand up & wrap her front legs around people. BTW Forester is really good at undoing shoe laces. He'd love to have a shoe of his own:) These puppies are really wonderful pups who are very affectionate. They love each other and they LOVE their people. They are going to be wondeful companions.

Meggie - She is the runt. She is very sweet and is quite the looker. She is adventurous but also likes to be cuddled.

Cloe - very friendly pup who loves to play with toys. Sweet puppy!

Mopsey - An absolute little lovebug. She can be a tiny bit shy but after 5 minutes you'll wonder who in the world said that about her! She looks like a baby fox when her ears are up.

Lara - She's a nice little pooch who loves being held. She loves to be held:)

Feller - He has a long, soft coat and he loves getting attention. He has a way of getting in your heart. Loves to give kisses & to snuggle!

Fala - Also known as Ms. Perky Ears. She would rather be in a lap than to eat!

BlackBerry - She is a beautiful black pup that will have a lot of white hair on her from her brothers & sisters! She loves her foo! . She is one of the bravest pups in this litter.

Miss Beasley - The pic doesn't do her justice. She's a gorgeous cream color, is always happy & bouncing around. A lovely puppy!

Yuki - He's a friendly little dude who loves toys. He also loves to eat!

Forester He is such a handsome little fella a real knockout with a good personality.