The Composers

Stravinsky (Adopted on 8/8/2022), Chopin (Adopted on 8/8/2022)



Age:  1 year
Gender:  1 female and 1 male
Breed:  DSH


Our mother, Symphony. was a very very good mama. She taught us to be exceptionally clean and have nice manners. We have been with one foster family since we were born and we love them but it is time for our forever home.

CHOPIN- I was the leader of my litter. First to venture away from mama, eat wet food, and explore. I continue to be very adventurous and all boy kitten. My foster family calls me Ninja Kitty. I am hoping for a foster family with a boy who is just as busy as me. Although, I am flexible and will play with anyone who has a string, crinkle ball or foot ,) My purr box is very loud. I will cuddle beside you when I decide it is time to nap, I'm a super in charge. I like to be in the same room as people, I will follow you all around the house even if you have a dog. My foster family has a dog and we are kind of friends, but I make the rules.

STRAVINSKY- I am sweet !!!!! Truly, a gem. Ask anyone of my foster family members, they all love me the most ! I love people. I love to be petted & held, I love to play with humans and I love to be in a lap or on a chest. sometimes even a shoulder or on top of a head. I love to be picked up and my foster mom will wear me in a "kitten sling" if she needs her hands for things like cooking and typing. I must be kissed on the head several times a day. My brother and I call for and talk to each other with a 'crtill', we sleep together for every nap and nighttime.