Edison (CP)

Age:  About 7 years
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Hound Mix
Size:  61 lbs
Dog Friendly:  Some
Cat Friendly:  No
Kid Friendly:  Older Children Only

This dog is cross-posted for another rescue group or shelter. Please contact the person noted.


Edison is VERY smart and high energy. He would benefit from having a yard to run in and will need someone who is dedicated to giving him lots of activities or a job to keep him happy and fulfilled. His mind needs to be engaged and challenged-puzzles and games, Kongs filled with pumpkin, some yogurt, a little peanut butter and frozen. Edison was surrendered earlier this year at 7 years old and having only known one home. He has been residing in a kennel at his lifelong veterinarian's office. Having had his world turned upside down by his family moving and being unable to take him along has really upset the applecart for him. The kennel environment is really starting to have a negative impact on him mentally and emotionally stressing him. Upon first meeting new people he is more reserved and a bit aloof and has a difficult time giving eye contact. He needs to find a home again and will take a patient and devoted person who can give him time to settle in and feel safe again. He's very good on a leash and doesn't pull. He's going to need basic obedience training. Fortunately, a trainer is available and willing to provide free training for his adopter. He would do well in a home without other pets or small children.

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