Buffy S (Adopted on 8/31/2022), Blossom S (Adopted on 8/29/2022), Bosco S (Adopted on 12/16/2022), Buzzy (Adopted on 12/16/2022)

Buffy S

Blossom S

Bosco S


Age:  About 1 year
Gender:  2 females and 2 males
Breed:  Bobtail mix


These kittens say that tails are overrated! This gorgeous litter of Bobtail mix kittens (perhaps Japanese Bobtail) are full of fun and love. They are ready to cuddle, play, cuddle and play! Their tail lengths vary, with Buffy having no tail at all! These kittens are incredibly sweet, fun, smart, very loving, super affectionate, playful, AND have the cutest butts you'll see! As soon as they see their foster mom, they run to her and climb her for kisses. Buffy and Blossom are the two females. Buffy has gorgeous big ears and medium length fur. Blossom is sleek with stunning golden eyes. Both are so sweet! Bosco loves to be held and is ready to follow you around before play time and lap time, and Buzzy has an out-going spirit and is ready to play and catch toys. Plus, he's just SO cute with his little stubby tail! Apply to meet these special sweethearts!