Fifi's Fluffers

Fluff (Adopted on 8/16/2022), Fig (Adopted on 8/16/2022)



Age:  About 1 year
Gender:  2 females
Breed:  DMH


Felix is the biggest of the Fluffers and has a long, lithe big cat look to him. He is gorgeous with a light orange spotted and striped coat and has big, bright eyes that look like they have white eyeliner around them. He is extremely playful. He loves to wrestle, chase the feather and his favorite is playing ball. Felix will carry the ball around in his mouth!

Fluff has medium length fur like her mom FiFi and if she's like her mom she may have a bushy tail too! She is sweet and fun. She loves people and is the greeter of the group as she runs to her fosters and wants to be picked up. She sits on her foster family's shoulders and laps. Likes belly rubs, has a loud purr and is a talkative little girl! She loves to play too and will do flip after flip trying to get her feather toy.

Fig is a dainty little girl. She is the smallest of the fluffers. She is petite and has tiny paws. Fig is very friendly, she likes to be held and is also a greeter. She is all personality and is playful. Fig is a smart kitten and very acrobatic! She will climb up her scratching post with a 3 inch diameter and pose on top. Fig is a lot of fun.