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B Bunch

Bandit B (Adopted on 7/30/2022), Baxter (Adopted on 7/14/2022), Beau (Adopted on 7/5/2022), Bear B (Adopted on 7/12/2022), Benny B (Adopted on 7/9/2022)

Bandit B



Bear B

Benny B

Age:  4 months
Gender:  5 males
Breed:  Lab/Hound/Beagle Mix


The foster family of these adorable puppy has told us that each one is sweeter than the next. They are all darling and playful and so much fun!

Benny is the largest of the littler and he is calm yet playful and loves to watch all the goings on.

Beau likes to talk to you. This little pup is also very playful but calm, and he loves squeaky toys (maybe because they talk back to him!)

Little Baxter was scared at first but he can come out of his shell and become more confident. This darling puppy is very snuggly but also playful.

While each puppy is so affectionate, Bandit gets 1st place in the most affectionate category. He is silly and sweet and loves his person. He is looking for a person or family of his own.

Bear seems to be the genius of the litter - super smart but also easy going, and he loves wrestling with his brothers.