Captain - Adopted on 9/5/2022

Age:  About 8 years
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Shepherd Mix


The name Captain may imply that I am a commanding leader of a grand ship. Well mate, perhaps in my younger days, but now I am a retired, low maintenance, older gentleman looking forward to spending my senior years in a calm, loving home. In fact, most people describe me as "chill" for I am content just laying on my favorite dog bed, requesting the occasional belly rub, and taking slow, leisurely walks. While I enjoy the company of other dogs, I am also perfectly content just chillin' as an "only child". As evidenced by the photos, my wonderful personality is complimented by my stunning good looks - that is, a luscious coat, soulful eyes, and a radiant smile. So, all hands on deck - time to find my forever home!