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Ajax (CP)

Age:  About 1 year
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Doberman Pinscher Mix
Size:  52 lbs
Dog Friendly:  Yes
Cat Friendly:  Appeared nonreactive
Kid Friendly:  Yes

This dog is cross-posted for another rescue group or shelter. Please contact the person noted.


Ajax was surrendered by person who said "someone gave her the puppy and she didn't want him."

What does his ideal home look like? His ideal home is with a young couple or family. Children would be fine. Someone that can spend lots of time with him and training. A background in the doberman breed would be a plus. A dog playmate would be great. One that will play and interact with him. Is reserved when meeting new people for the first time but a treat will make him your friend.

How would he be around kids? Yes for children.

What's his activity level indoors? Ajax is currently being fostered. He has a medium energy level. Can be worn out quickly. Still a lot of puppy in him.

Does he take social cues from other dogs and play well? Knows how to take social cues very well. Good with all dogs and wants to be friends with them all.Ajax shows interest in all dogs in a good way.

Is he a typical "Beagle Barker"? haha! Not a barker.

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