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Beatrix's Bunch

Pepper B (Adopted on 8/8/2022), Crickett B (Adopted on 7/23/2022), Checkers B (Adopted on 7/23/2022), Jett B (Adopted on 7/23/2022), Panda B (Adopted on 8/10/2022), Lucky B (Adopted on 8/13/2022), Patch B (Adopted on 8/6/2022), Swoosh (Adopted on 8/6/2022)

Pepper B

Crickett B

Checkers B

Jett B

Panda B

Lucky B

Patch B


Age:  11 weeks
Gender:  4 females and 4 males
Breed:  Terrier Mix


This happy and loving bunch of puppies was born in a loving foster home where they grew up loving and interacting with people and interacting with the resident dog. They are now ready to find their forever homes. Mom is 20 pounds but these puppies will be bigger then mom given their current sizes of 10 pounds at 10 weeks so will be more likely medium size when full grown. Dads identity is unknown but moms DNA is as follows

25.9 % Pembroke Welsh corgi 19.2% Boston Terrier 15.1% American pit bull terrier 13.2% Chihuahua 10.9 % Pomeranian 9.2% Beagle/ Russel type terrier

PEPPER is the trailblazer, she is usually the first to discover new, exciting adventures for all to enjoy. She is very happy and generous with her puppy kisses.

PANDA has the fluffiest fur and loves the attention he gets from people wanting to pet him. He is very curious and loves climbing in and under things (especially blankets).

PATCH is the first to come cuddle after playtime. She looks up to you as if to say, "I'm your favorite, right? I know I am." She enjoys sharing her puppy kisses.

SWOOSH, playtime is never long enough. When others start to slow down, she'll pounce and ambush her littermates to get them to play longer. She "checks in" often to get her hugs and then resumes play. She loves attention.

LUCKY loves outdoor play. HE loves the crackle of dry leaves, the crunch of a stick or a new noise to investigate. He loves giving and receiving attention.