Giant Squirrels

Orville (Adopted on 3/19/2023), Wilbur W (Adopted on 3/19/2023)


Wilbur W

Age:  About 10 months
Gender:  2 males
Breed:  DSH


Wilbur and Orville are super fun-loving and have amazingly floofy tails! Wilbur is the cuddly type who will follow you wherever you go and hang out on your desk, while Orville is more the "Hi mom! Bye mom!" drive-by-love type, though will surprise you by stealthily climbing into your lap. They get along great with their foster family's cats and would do well in a home with other pets as well as with kids. These boys were trapped along with their feral mom as part of a Trap-Neuter-Return program before making their way to HART. They have lots of energy and are constantly in search of new adventures. They're a little shy with strangers but once they know you, you'll be rewarded with sweet purrs and chirpy meows!