SuperWoman (Adopted on 8/19/2022), Spider Man (Adopted on 8/31/2022), Storm-SuperPups (Adopted on 8/12/2022), Wonder Woman (Adopted on 8/17/2022), Bat Girl (Adopted on 8/11/2022), Captain America (Adopted on 9/8/2022), Thor (Adopted on 8/13/2022)


Spider Man


Wonder Woman

Bat Girl

Captain America


Age:  About 1 year
Gender:  4 females and 3 males
Breed:  Lab Mix


Super Woman is a very sweet, affectionate cuddler. She likes to play,and is observant and smart.

Spider Man is a very sweet, playful and alert fellow.He is very ready for a new forever loving home.

Yes, Storm is all girl superhero! Happy, smart, observant, super sweet, playful.

Wonder Woman is a sweet tan girl. She is very smart and observant, with a wonderful personality. She loves to cuddle and play.

Bat Girl is the smallest of the litter. All black, with quite distinctive ears. She is a very sweet, loving girl, who wants to escape the madness of big litter and cuddle and play.

Bat Man is a sweet, playful beautiful all black boy.He is very alert and attentive.

Captain America is the biggest in litter, and he is a super sweetie!He just wants someone to play with him, perhaps future Frisbee star.Beautiful boy!

Thor is black with some white on legs and white spot on nose. He is a super sweet, smart guy. This boy is ready for his new loving forever home.