Asher B - Adopted on 1/17/2023

Age:  2 years
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Great Pyrenees/Australian Shepherd Mix


Asher is a very loving boy who very much wants someone to cuddle and play with him. He's housebroken and does best with someone who doesn't leave him alone for long periods of time. It does take him a little while to get used to his crate and he would bark and whine when his foster parents left, but after a while, he was much more comfortable and stopped. Asher loves his walks and needs a lot of outside time, either in a big backyard or with a best friend who gives him a task like running or hiking. He's very friendly with dogs and cats he gets to know or is introduced to. Asher loves chewing and his Kong is his second-best friend...after you of course, but he's always happy to share his toys with any friends in the house. He would enjoy a playmate who has as much energy as he does. If you are interested in this wonderful dog please let us know.