Tater B - Adopted on 11/1/2022

Age:  10 years
Gender:  Male
Breed:  Dachshund Mix


Tater lost his home due to flooding in eastern and very rural Virginia. He was very shut down and terrified at the shelter but he is out of his shell now! Here is what Tater's foster mom has told us about this cute little dog: "He is a very, very sweet boy. He is content to snuggle in a dog bed when I am working in the kitchen and he is doing well on a leash and taking care of business outside. He sleeps great in his crate throughout the night as long as he is in the bedroom with you. Tater loves his people and prefers to have someone around." He has been barking if his foster mom or dad leaves him and we are hoping that this will improve with some training. However, because of this we don't think an apartment or condo would be the best home. If you are interested in this very loving dog, please let us know. Tater loves people so he looks forward to meeting you!